SHAK launches appeal to cover eye-surgery cost


Alnwick-based dog sanctuary SHAK has launched a fund-raising appeal to help cover the cost of vital surgery for one of the dogs in its care.

Duke needs to have an operation on his eyes and is booked in for treatment next Thursday.

The cost of surgery and aftercare is about £400 and while the procedure will go ahead regardless, the charity says that any financial support would be very welcome.

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie said: “Duke was found as a stray – maybe his owners were afraid of a large vet’s bill looming?

“He has had constant problems with his eyes since he arrived with us in April and we were hoping to put off any operations until he found a foster home.

“Unfortunately, our efforts to find him a new home have been in vain, so we have decided to go ahead with his surgery. Duke is suffering from entropion – the name for inward-turned eyelids, which causes irritation, pain and inflammation. Even in moderate cases, it may affect the dog’s vision if it is not resolved.

“Duke is due to have surgery on September 13, and we need your help to make a difference to Duke’s life, so we have launched an appeal to raise the amount required to cover the cost of surgery and aftercare.

“Duke has been so patient waiting for his chance of a home, we really want to make a difference to his life.”

To support Duke, donate via PayPal to or via cheque – made payable to SHAK and marked Duke’s Appeal and sent to SHAK HQ, Greenwell Road, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1HB.