SHAK dogs making good progress

Indi is making progress.
Indi is making progress.

The latest instalment of our series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

Two dogs recently rescued by SHAK are making excellent progress.

Stephen Wylie with Milo, Axel and Topaz.

Stephen Wylie with Milo, Axel and Topaz.

Indi arrived at SHAK in May, having been saved from the depths of despair after enduring a torrid life at a Russian kill shelter.

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie said: “I get a lot of people asking about Indi, to the extent I’ve been stopped by strangers recently in the supermarket and the pub to ask how she is doing.

“She’s doing great without any major developments. We’ve got our routines and she enjoys walks with the other dogs.

“She’s had a couple of sleep-overs in the house but that is still a big black hole to her, so we just do little and often. Still, she has taken everything in her stride and has never once rejected anything we’ve tried to do together.”

Another new arrival is Milo, who is settling in well. Last week, he was eased into sanctuary life by meeting SHAK dog Keiser. Now, he’s got to know some of the other dogs.

Stephen said: “The groundwork Keiser put in paid off, as Milo had fun meeting Axel and Topaz.

“His behaviour has improved as we’ve constantly walked him with other dogs, but this walk was the first time Milo had met these two or been walked with one person. And no muzzle this time.”