SHAK appeals for dog-food donations


This year’s Jam Jar Army charity SHAK has made a plea for more dog-food donations as they are running low.

Steve Wylie said: “With it being such a difficult year and so many dogs arriving and needing our special attention, I’m afraid it’s that time again when I have to ask our brilliant supporters to help us out.

“We are running desperately low on dry dog food of all kinds. Please, if you can spare one bag of food it would be greatly appreciated.

“As I have said before, the dogs will not starve so please don’t panic. I will starve before them, but every bit of help will be a massive boost.

“Thank you in advance, below are some food drop-off points: Taylors Newsagents and Sainsburys, Alnwick; Pets At Home, Cramlington; Moorview Vets, Backworth.”

This week’s dog of the week is one who is now living with Forever Foster ‘parents’.

Becky and Paul sent this update: “Just wanted to send some pictures of Nell, the dog we adopted a year ago this month and say a huge thank-you for the work you all do at SHAK – we absolutely love her.

“I would be lost without her, she is such good company.

“We can’t take her for a walk without people complimenting on how good she looks and her temperament.

“She has a new friend called Frank who she loves and they are like two peas in a pod, although it’s a very odd combination a whippet-collie cross and a giant bull mastiff!”

The 2013 Jam Jar Army appeal for north Northumberland-based SHAK is going well, but we still need all those collections of coins to keep coming in.