Series of events on cards for Alnwick

To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, Alnwick will play host to several events, all supported by the town council.

Bailiffgate Museum will host a Magna Carta exhibition from next Tuesday until Sunday, July 5.

The Grand Charter is one of the most famous documents in the world. Unlike the Jacobite rebels, the noblemen who pressed King John for reform did achieve success – albeit not all the promised changes were implemented. Learn about the connections of the local de Vesci family to this world-famous document and see a parchment facsimile of Magna Carta itself.

Two banners have also been produced for the town council through the Magna Carta Barons Association (MCBA) as one of the Baron Towns and depict information about Eustace De Vesci and the Magna Carta.

As part of the exhibition, there will be a talk on Alnwick’s Baron Eustace de Vesci one of the leaders of the baronial opposition to King John. As well as his role in forcing John to accept Magna Carta in 1215, he was involved in an assassination attempt in 1212.

A schools’ competition has been organised by Alnwick Town Council as well.

The Mayor will judge each section of the competition and all entries will be displayed at the Bailiffgate Museum the winners will be on display during the exhibition.

The competition gave schools a range of activities connected with Magna Carta including a poem/story about going to Runnymede, designing shields, flags and banners of medieval life 
in Alnwick, wall hangings and seals.

The town council is planning to plant English oak trees as part of the commemorative celebrations. The first of these will be planted on Sunday, June 28, by the town clerk of Trowbridge, Lance Allen.

Setting off from Trowbridge the previous Saturday, Lance will have cycled 800 miles by the time he reaches Alnwick, visiting each Baron Town on his way. Alnwick will be his last stop and during his visit he will accompany the Mayor Bill Grisdale to see the Magna Carta exhibition, plant an oak sapling and be treated to some local fare before heading off home again.

Alnwick Town Council will also be purchasing an 800th anniversary book on the Magna Carta which will be presented to the Alnwick Library after the exhibition.