Senior Minister gives further recognition to Northumberland’s A1 needs

Danny Alexander
Danny Alexander

Speaking at today’s Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP has said that Liberal Democrats are continuing to push for investment in infrastructure upgrades, citing action to improve the A1 as part of the recovery plan for the country.

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed this further evidence that the Coalition Government is taking the needs of Northumberland seriously.

Julie Porksen, who is working hard to succeed Berwick’s ​long-standing Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith, said: “With the Liberal Democrats in Government we have made more progress on the A1 than ever before. When Labour were in Government, the A1 was taken off the list of projects to be done. When the Conservatives were in Government they promised ahead of the 1992 General Election that ‘Work will begin in May’ but did nothing over the subsequent five years they were in power.

“The A1 upgrades we need in Northumberland will make a massive difference to residents, business and tourism. We know that we are up against stiff competition for funding from other heavily congested roads elsewhere in the country. There is only so much money to go round. But Northumberland has been let down by single party governments. With the Liberal Democrats as part of a Coalition Government we have been able to secure real commitments to getting work done.”

And Sir Alan Beith MP who has been campaigning for further upgrades to the A1, added: “The Chief Secretary to the Treasury knows how much investment in the A1 would help Northumberland and the north east and without his insistence on extra funding for the Department of Transport to pick up the work done in developing plans for the A1 we would not be making the progress which is now apparent.

“I will be continuing to push Ministers for contracts to be let to begin work on the most urgent stretches of the A1, from Morpeth to Felton and at Mousen near Belford.”