Seminar will highlight dog law changes

A dog-training instructor will host a seminar to teach owners about changes in the law.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23rd January 2017, 11:00 am
Jacquie Hall, with some of her dogs.
Jacquie Hall, with some of her dogs.

Jacquie Hall, proprietor of Northumberland Canine Centre, near Felton, believes that many pet owners are unaware of the changes to dog laws which came into force in 2013.

Recently, she has been asked to supply details about dogs which have been the centre of court cases.

She has stressed the importance of dog training and added: “Many owners aren’t aware of the laws relating to owning a dog and the consequences for both dog and owner.

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“Fines and prison sentences for having a dog ‘dangerously out of control’ have been increased and the number of court cases are on the rise.

“The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was extended in 2013 to include dogs on their home premises and those which may not be going to bite but which give the impression that they may do so. The new law covers dogs which attack other dogs, whether damage is sustained or not. The reality is that a dog which had no intention of biting could be placed on a destruction order, through the lack of basic training.

“The most effective thing for any owner to do is to teach their dog to do a good recall and have control around people – that will get most dogs out of any potential situations.

“It is also apparent that many owners who have now microchipped their dogs are not aware that they must have a collar with visible ID on it.”

A seminar covering laws relating to pet dogs is being held at the Northumberland Canine Centre at 10am on Saturday, February 4. The guest speaker will be dog-law specialist Trevor Cooper.

The three-hour seminar will also cover laws relating to buying and selling dogs and dog-welfare concerns. Tickets, £20, available from the centre or via Adele on 07708 244296.