Secrecy surrounds new club

Nightclubbers are in a spin over a viral marketing campaign for a new venue due to open in Alnwick – but no one is saying where it will be.

The late spot is set to launch in around three weeks’ time, but its whereabouts are a closely-guarded secret.

In fact, it’s so hush-hush that it has been called ‘I Won’t Tell’, due to the strict code of confidentiality in force for those in the know.

A page set up on Facebook has attracted hundreds of likes, even though most remain clueless as to where they may eventually end up.

A source for I Won’t Tell, who asked not to be identified, said: “It’s going to be quite different to anything Alnwick has had before and we liked the idea of theming it on the Prohibition era, where drinkers would closely guard the locations of speakeasies.

“The response on Facebook has been remarkable, with over 450 likes in two-and-a-half weeks since the page went up.

“The club will be aimed at over-21s and young professionals, with a second, more relaxed bar overlooking the dance floor.

“We have some top North East DJs lined up.”

He added: “All we ask is that if you find out where it is, please don’t tell, as we want to keep it a secret.”

If anyone wants to know whether the Gazette knows – we do, but we won’t tell either.