Second book from author of Syd's secret life during war

The second book in a series of a former Prisoner of War's exploits has been released thanks to his son-in-law.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 20th January 2019, 8:00 am
Syd's Secret War, Part One, by William Marshall
Syd's Secret War, Part One, by William Marshall

It was Sydney Ryton’s dying wish that his tales from the Second World War were recounted for all to hear.

And his son-in-law William Marshall, from Amble, released the first book, Syd’s Secret War, Part One, in October 2017.

Now Syd’s Secret War, Part Two, Wield With Extreme Caution The Sharp And Double Edged Sword Of Deceit, is out.

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The novel is based on real events; experiences which Syd only opened up about just before his death several years ago. It tells the extraordinary story of Syd, who was taken prisoner of war at St Valery.

Following on from where the first book left off, the second details Syd’s amazing Second World War epic tale of espionage and daring.

A plot forged in the Prisoner of War camps of Germany, the officers of Oflag VII-B in Eichstatt hear of the sinister plan of the Waffen SS to recruit British Prisoners of War to enlist their help in Germany’s struggle against the overwhelming advance of the Russian offensive towards the end of the war.

The British officers’ plan to get a spy on the inside of the German effort to form a British Corps of Soldiers to fight on their side, to their great surprise, yields way more than they could ever have envisaged and leads to a British spy infiltrating the highest levels of Nazi command.

The books in the series are both novels, part fact, part fiction, based on Syd’s real life events in the war.

Names have been changed to protect the identity of those who may have been engaged in similar events during the Second World War.

The books are both available to buy online at Amazon.

A review of the first book says: “A brilliant read. I could not put it down once I started. The author has managed to write in a manner which places the reader in the story and challenges you to reflect on events described throughout.”