Seahouses WI, May meeting

Glad Tidings'Seahouses Harbour
Glad Tidings'Seahouses Harbour

Loneliness lifeline

The meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses WI this month had a very different theme.

Mrs Minto welcomed 20 members and guests and introduced Ms Jan Gerrard, who presented an interesting side of life entitled The Silver Line.

This is a useful line of communication, especially for elderly people living alone. Half of people over 75 live by themselves and loneliness is common.

Silverline is on Facebook and Twitter. The helpline, on 0800 470 8090, is free and confidential, and is open 24 hours. It offers a chat with someone who cares and can be as simple as a call in the morning to talk about the day ahead, or in the evening before you go to sleep. It is the human contact that gives all of us something to look forward to.

Silverline works with organisations such as Action on Elder Abuse and safeguarding teams. It is open to everyone. Silverline is a worthwhile organisation and help is needed to “spread the word”.

Mrs Val Hart gave the vote of thanks.

After refreshments the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Correspondence consisted of arrangements for the group meeting to be held in September and details of our street party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday on June 7. Refreshments are organised, also entertainment, so come along.

Bamburgh WI is going to Beamish for its annual trip. Our committee is organising a day out to the Teviot Smokery in July, and a possible trip to the Theatre Royal. Mrs E Braidford gave details of the next pub lunch.

Other events are an Absolute Beginners Beading Workshop in June and a stained glass taster day in September. There will be a barbecue at Heighley Gate on July 19, followed by a talk on gardening at 6.30pm. These are organised by Cresswell House.

Our raffle was won by Mrs P Cole and the competition was won by Mrs Minto; 2 Mrs Dickson; 3 Mrs Wood.