Seahouses WI, Annual meeting

Seahouses Harbour
Seahouses Harbour

Annual meeting

Mrs Minto opened the annual meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, and welcomed all present, including our WI adviser Brenda Houlison.

The minutes of our previous annual meeting were read by Sandra MacFarlane. She also gave a report covering the meetings held during the last 12 months.

These included an update by two consultants from the A&E hospital at Cramlington, Katrina Porteous had amused us with fishermen’s tales and history, and we enjoyed a flower arrangement by Mrs Harratt, and a lecture on Lethal Lovelies by Mr Robertson.

We had a painting on silk demonstration by Ms Horsfield, a hands-on evening of Christmas marzipan sculpture, a Murder Mystery Night, and events culminated with a demonstration of woodturning by Mr G Ambrose.

Future events include a luncheon at Doxford Hall in July and preparations to celebrate the Queen’s birthday in June. A visit to Kirkhale Courtyard is planned for June 22, and a Gastronomic Guessing Quiz at the Cheviot Centre on May 25.

Treasurer Carol Phillips gave us the updated position of the accounts.

At this stage, the meeting was handed over to Ms Houlison, who organised the voting for the coming year of president and committee. Mrs Minto was voted president and the ladies on our committee will be Mrs Cole, Mrs Wood, Mrs Phillips, Mrs M Craig, Mrs E Fortune and Mrs S MacFarlane.

Miss Houlison updated us on the workings of the WI, how the groups are set up, the work involved in administration and, if necessary, the closing of branches.

Unfortunately, Julia Davidson, a popular former adviser, had died last month and Mrs Houlison, together with many other WI members, including Mrs Minto, had attended Julia’s funeral at Lowick.

The competition for our evening was a Pretty Plate and was won by Nora Mylam, Sheila Dickson and Mrs P Minto. Winners for the year were Mrs Mylam and Mrs Minto.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 3. The competition will be an item beginning with ‘S’, and the talk will be the Silver Link. Our next pub lunch will be at the Horsehoe Inn, Rennington, on Saturday, May 7, at 12.30pm.

One of our members attended the Northumberland Federation Annual Spring Council Meeting on April 9, held at the Royal Grammar School, Jesmond.

This was very well attended and interesting. The meeting was opened by Hilary Robson, county chairman. Members were introduced.

We were entertained by Shirley’s Girls, and after our luncheon break Sally Kettle kept us enthralled with her Atlantic crossing, rowing with her Mum.

This was followed by a brief talk about Denman by Pat Tulip, which was very interesting. The residential college is open to all members, non-members and husbands. There is a good variety of subjects – crafts, lifestyle and cookery. Denman is situated in acres of ground in Oxfordshire, and is residential and accessible.

The meeting came to a close in mid-afternoon with the various votes of thanks, then everyone joined in singing the national anthem.