Seahouses Rotary Club

AFRICAN ADVENTURE: Four members of the mid-Northumberland Scout Troop gave a presentation to Seahouses Rotary Club about their expedition to Botswana in the summer.

The full team will consist of six members for the five-week visit, plus a further 55 scouts from the UK covering 10 weeks in all. To finance the trip, each member is responsible for raising £3,000.

Their combined total of £14,000 to date has been raised through events including curry nights, bag-packing, a pantomime, an auction of promises, ceilidhs and donations from local businesses and organisations.

As part of their preparations they have attended training weekends in the Lake District, Scotland and Yorkshire. These have included camping, arduous hikes, cooking and sharing responsibilities as a team.

They will be involved in working with local people in the building of a community centre and also a water project. They will be taking tents and other equipment that they will hand on to the locals when they leave. In order to buy food they will need to earn money in local currency. A basic knowledge of the local language will prove helpful.

They will need to become accustomed to living without some of their normal creature comforts.

The club wished them every success and congratulated them in showing initiative and courage.

They will be welcome to have a stall at the forthcoming fete and car boot sale on Easter Monday.