Seahouses Probus Club, AGM

The AGM of Seahouses Probus Club preceded the monthly talk and Brian Brand, who is now our past chairman, installed Bill Godfrey as our chairman. Bill then presented Brian with the Probus past chairman tie.

The remaining officers were elected as follows: Secretary Fraser Suffield, treasurer Forbes Grant and auditor John Scott.

It was decided that the duties of social secretary to be dealt with by the committee.

The minutes of the previous AGM were passed.

Special thanks were given to Bill Godfrey for his outstanding work as social secretary and to the retiring auditor Leslie Parsons.

Anne Ousby was then introduced as our speaker with a talk entitled E Book Publishing.

Despite the comparative paucity of e book knowledge among her audience, they had sufficient knowledge of computing and publishing to be quite mesmerised by the talk which explained the advantages of the author actually publishing their books themselves without the need for a publisher. Pitfalls were also highlighted.

We discovered that while our speaker had taken two-and-a-half years to have a book rejected after spending five years writing it, she then published it in a matter of days on the internet. Further advantages accrue to the author as the price can be controlled, the errors corrected and illustrations can be added or adjusted by the author immediately they are required.

After a substantial question, answer and discussion session, Tony Willis gave the vote of thanks for an erudite, useful and fascinating talk which he did while demonstrating knowledge of the subject which put the rest of us to shame.