Seahouses, Probus Club

As the secretary, Fraser Suffield, was indisposed due to a medical appointment. The business part of the meeting was very brief. The chairman, Tony Willis, informed us that there had been no response to the publicity inviting new members to join and he was going to approach several people that he thought would be interested.

Saturday, 14th April 2018, 11:30 am
Seahouses harbour

The treasurer, Forbes Grant, informed us that the funds were healthy and two bills were outstanding at the moment.

We were then given the sad news that one of our Honorary members, Bill Godfery, had passed away and we stood in silence for one minute as a sign of respect.

The chairman introduced our speaker, July Stewart, from the Co-op Estate Management, who spoke about Tax, Care, and Toy Boys (and Girls).

Her topic covered the wide range of problems that can occur when one partner dies and the other remarries, the tax liabilities and family complications. She set out in detail what happens when one partner has to be cared for either in the family home or in a nursing home, stressing the monetary obligations and pit falls.

The questions and answers which followed were varied and cleared some aspects of the puzzles that can be raised by solicitors when setting out wills or other legal documents.

Richard Postlethwaite gave the vote of thanks.