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Seahouses Harbour
Seahouses Harbour

This meeting, which commenced with the AGM was opened by the retiring chairman Bryan Crawford. He then called on our secretary Fraser Suffield to welcome guests, read out apologies and a happy birthday was wished to those celebrating theirs in the ensuing month

The minutes of the last AGM were then approved and reports on the past year given by the secretary. The treasurer and the chairman were approved after some discussion regarding minor adjustments to the wording were agreed and a rather longer discussion took place about the proposed annual subscription increase, which was approved.

At this point thanks were given from the floor to Fraser for his unstinting and extremely efficient running of the secretarial function. This was greeted with great acclaim from the whole of the audience.

The officers for the year ahead were then elected en masse. Our new chairman, Ian Wilkinson, was inducted and our old chairman presented with a past-chairman’s tie and thanked for a very successful year in charge.

We were now introduced to our speaker, Nick Gilroy, to speak to us on Tales from Sales.

Nick explained that he was from Tyneside, Fenham originally, and now Gosforth, and had been in sales most of his working life. However he felt that his talk might be better entitled The Oldest Profession, as all of us had worked in sales whether engineer, accountant, solicitor, teacher or banker.

All these professions involve selling one’s self or one’s ideas to a client. He was also hurt that sales was not considered a profession and therefore he was not a professional.

We were most entertained by a talk which explained how despite going to university to study law and become a barrister he decided this was not for him and left to be employed in sales by Currys, Yorkshire Bank and then Yell.

A vote of thanks for a very professional performance was given by Gordon Cowan.