Seahouses Probus Club

In the absence of our chairman, Brian Crawford, we were welcomed by Ian Wilkinson, our vice chairman, who explained that Brian has been in hospital for a few days but is expecting to be fit again in time for the next meeting. We wish Brian a speedy return to good health.

Birthday wishes were extended as usual and the secretary and treasurer gave their reports. A letter of thanks has been received from the Alzheimers Association, thanking us for our donation in respect of last month’s presentation.

Our secretary then introduced and indeed welcomed back our speaker Isobel Gordon, from Kelso, who was to speak on Bruce’s Legacy: The Stuart/Douglas Rivalry.

The talk explained the rivalry between the Stuart family and the Douglas familywho were the major landowners and ruling class in Scotland during the time leading up to the coronation of James VI of Scotland as James the first of England and Scotland.

It was a masterly and fascinating exposition of a time of enormous changes on both sides of the border and was of huge interest to her audience. A very complicated subject covered in considerable detail with many extraordinary facts leaving many in her audience with the feeling that they had not known nearly as much about the subject that they thought they had.

All were pleased to hear about Archibald the Grim, his real title being much less prosaic but rather more flattering: Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas and Wigtown, Lord of Galloway, Douglas and Bothwell.

After a question and answer session Gordon Cowan gave the vote of thanks for an immensely enjoyable talk.