Seahouses Probus Club

The chairman of Seahouses Probus Club, Bryan Crawford, opened the meeting and our secretary issued apologies for absence and birthday greetings to those of us with birthdays this month.

Our speaker, Bob Higham, was then introduced and invited to give his talk entitled West-East Walk on the British mainland.

The walk proved to be more demanding than was apparent from the title, as it went from the Scottish mainland north of the Isle of Mull to Lowestoft on the Norfolk coast.

The walk was a charity walk to raise funds for the Dalits who are the untouchable in caste in India.

The walk began on the Ardnamurchan peninsular and getting there was a major task in itself.

It necessitated a rail journey to Oban, a ferry crossing to Mull and a ferry crossing to Ardnamurchan.

We were then entertained by a description of the walk which was a mixture of breath-taking beauty and the vicissitudes of foul weather.

The hard work of the walk was eased by the many friends, many of whom were ministers of religion who were able to provide overnight accommodation.

The walk is unfinished business as it is taking place over three or four years at a couple of weeks each session and has now got as far as Norfolk so it is nearly complete.

The sessions are for six days a week with Sundays as a day of rest.

After a question and answer session, the thanks for the interesting, entertaining and informative talk was given by David Wilson.

Our secretary and our treasurer then gave their reports which were both satisfactory and David Morgan thanked our treasurer, Forbes Grant, for his good work.

Our secretary Fraser Suffield told us that we have a membership of 36 and we have room for a few more. Anyone who would like to join can contact him by telephone on 01665 576236.