Seahouses Probus Club

Our chairman opened the meeting of Seahouses Probus Club and, after his opening remarks, called on our secretary and our treasurer to give their reports.

All matters being satisfactory, our secretary reported that we now have 37 members which means that there is room for more and that anyone wishing to join should approach him or any other member with a view to being invited as a guest.

Our speaker, Peter Sowerby, was then introduced and his talk was entitled Tax, Care and Toy Boys.

Despite the rather daunting subject, which was estate planning asset protection and how to ensure that the right beneficiaries received the right legacy, the talk proved to be not only erudite and extremely informative but also good humoured and very much to interest of the audience.

We were told about the advisability of making a will and keeping it up to date, about the problems associated with long term care and the problems that can ensue if a surviving spouse remarries.

We also became acquainted with the difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common of a home and the problems that can arise.

The matter of placing assets in trust was discussed and the need for powers of attorney was explained.

After a long question and answer session that covered unmarried couples and many other issues, a vote of thanks was given by Tony Willis for a talk which was much appreciated by an audience for whom the subject was of great interest.