Seahouses Probus Club

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The chairman of Seahouses Probus Club called for and received reports from Fraser Suffield, our secretary, and Forbes Grant, our treasurer.

Fraser said that there was room for a few more members and that anyone interested should contact him on 01665 576236.

Bill Godfrey, our social secretary, asked that all members intending to attend the annual lunch at Doxford Hall, to take place on Wednesday, September 18, should inform him by the next meeting, together with their choices from the menu.

Fraser Suffield then introduced our speaker, Keith Scott, a local farmer and member of the Amble and Warkworth Probus club. His talk entitled The Road to Bosnia, consisted of showing a DVD of his journey followed by a question and answer session.

The reason for the journey to Bosnia was to take clothing, medical goods, toys etc. to Bosnia in order to help alleviate the suffering of the families that had been forced from their homes and villages by the Bosnian conflict of 1992 to 1995.

A co-driver was found and the Oaktree Trust from Birmingham was contacted to help organise the journey.

Plastic bags of all shapes and sizes were collected containing the donated goods.

Eleven and a half tons of goods were collected and friends helped to sort them out and to pack them into bales of 700kg each.

The original transporter, a transit van, was exchanged for a Bedford horsebox.

The journey plan was to drive to Hull, take a ferry to Zeebrugge and then drive the 1200 miles to Bosnia over two days.

Needless to say there were many escapades and escapes including blown up bridges, gales at sea, flat batteries and broken axles but the plan was fulfilled and the goods delivered to the refugees.

The vote of thanks for a fascinating tale of derring-do was given by Gordon Cowan

After the journey home Keith did not lose sight of his co-driver.

‘Reader, they married.’