Seahouses Probus Club

After basking in the warm glow of the sympathy extended by the Welsh members over the pasting given to the English by the recently exhumed Welsh rugby team, normality was restored and our chairman opened the meeting of Seahouses Probus Club.

Reports were given by our secretary Frazer Suffield and treasurer Forbes Grant.

Social secretary Bill Godfrey then reported that a sufficient number of members had applied for tickets to enable two trips to the BBC in Newcastle to go ahead. He also reported that he was negotiating for the trip to Holy Island to take place, probably in July.

Our chairman then invited Frazer Suffield to introduce our speaker Ian August who was to speak about the Alnwick Garden in a talk he entitled A Journey beyond the Garden Wall.

We were told how he was preparing to retire during the next few years when, on March 7, 1996 ,the Duchess of Northumberland ‘had an idea’.

The idea was, of course for the garden and for it to be a garden for all ages.

After 17 years he is still involved in the idea and told us of the many talks he had given around the UK while setting up arrangements for the Garden to be financed and designed and how overseas visits together with the Duchess were made to Canada and the United States.

In particular he told us of their visit to the Hamptons in New York where they were royally entertained by the affluent local gentry.

The talk was very much appreciated by members and great interest was shown as evidenced by the length of the concluding question and answer session.

The vote of thanks was given by Bryan Crawford for an excellent talk.