Seahouses Probus Club

The initial comments by secretary, Fraser Suffield, concerned the number in Seahouses Probus Club

We have 37 members but unfortunately four are unable to attend now due to health problems or are now living out of the area.

Don Lidgely, one of our founder members, now lives in Cape Town.

Fraser pointed out that realistically we have room for another seven members and urged those present to bring along friends who were interested. Anyone wishing to know more can contact Fraser on 01665 576236.

Bill Godfrey reported that plans were settled for our annual lunch at Doxford Hall and he asked members to sign up.

He pointed out that the lunch was a mixed gathering and members of the opposite sex were welcome.

Chairman Roger Howell introduced our speaker Stuart Walton with the comment that he had zipped from the Baltic in Newcastle.

This was a reference to a recent charity event where Stuart had travelled by a zip wire from the top of the Baltic to the quayside.

Stuart gave us a comprehensive guide to blues music from Clarkesdale, Coahoma County, in the Mississippi delta to the 1960s Club A’Gogo in Newcastle.

He related the beginnings as being work songs in the cotton fields and the Saturday nights in the barns of places like Dockery’s Farm, a famous name in blues history, where itinerant singers and musicians would entertain. Musical instruments were improvised such as the cider jug, the washboard and early banjo.

Stuart gave us early examples in audio/visual form of such masters as Son House, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters through to Chester Burnett, Howlin’ Wolf and Smokestack Lightnin’.

He briefly touched on the relationships in the 50s of the blues with skiffle, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and jazz.

Roy Dodds, in his vote of thanks, summed it up as a masterly presentation.