Seahouses and District Probus Club

GRAINS VISIT: Seahouses and District Probus Club’s visit to Coastal Grains was a success.

We learned how all types of grain are tested and stored, as well as the uses, with some unexpected relationships with products not normally associated with grain.

We were given a tour of the laboratory and the site with all its silos and grain dryers.

After the tour we visited Sunnyhills Farm Shop and Restaurant for lunch which was a nice and relaxing end to our visit.

For our April meeting we welcomed Alec Swailes, the Morpeth Gadgie.

He gave us some insights to his passion for the Northumberland dialect.

He has the letters FNLS after his name (Fellow of the Northumberland Language Society) and does voice-overs for several Northumbrian projects, notably he said, at Woodhorn where it is his voice yelling at you to close the netty door.

Alec regaled us with poems and songs in dialect, by such notable authors as Fred Reed, Eric Boswell, Richard Haswell and Will Coombes. On several occasions we joined him in the chorus.

The poems and songs were interspersed with jokes, which was a nice touch to build up to the next dialect piece.

He let us into a little secret that somewhere about 250 miles north east of Moscow there is a Russian singing North of the Tyne which he learned from Alec whilevisiting Alnwick for the International Music Festival.

David Morgan in proposing the vote of thanks described Alec’s anecdotes, poems and songs as a tour de force, which it certainly was.