Sea of litter cleared by voluntary tidy-up

One of the bags of rubbish.
One of the bags of rubbish.

Bottles, crisp packets, old car seats and jerrycans – these were just some of the items that an Alnwick man picked up during a voluntary community tidy-up.

The resident, who did not want to be named, filled two large bags of rubbish after collecting an array of litter from along the footpath opposite the town’s former fire station.

He said: “I walk my dog down here with my kids. It is such a lovely spot, but it looked terrible and it was dangerous for dogs and kids, as there was broken bottles and sharp cans. So I decided I would do something about it and have a clean-up.

“I targeted two areas. Along the path and in the trees there was litter such as plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags of all sizes, crisp packets, catalogues and old car seats.

“Down near the fence on the right of the path near the industrial estate was bigger stuff, like jerrycans, polystyrene, pipes and a lot of plastic.”