Sculpture symbolising peace given approval

Stephen Lunn's design for the peace sculpture.
Stephen Lunn's design for the peace sculpture.

A poignant sculpture, symbolising peace and commemorating all those who have served in worldwide conflicts, has been approved by Northumberland County Council under delegated powers.

The eye-catching structure will be placed in Amble’s Memorial Gardens, on the grassed area near to the iconic war memorial clock tower.

The monument is the brainchild of Amble Town Council and has been designed by renowned Red Row blacksmith Stephen Lunn.

The bespoke design incorporates poppies of remembrance and doves of peace, with ribbons of wording on both sides of the arch to reflect service and peace.

Residents were recently given the chance to vote on which phrases they would like to see on the sculpture and the results were announced this week.

The service side will be inscribed with ‘Courage: Dedication: The freedom we all know and enjoy is thanks to those who served: Sacrifice: Remembrance.’

The peace side will be inscribed with ‘Hope: Trust: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace: Unity: Friendship.’

The sculpture will have concrete-block foundations under the grassed area and the structure itself will be constructed using coated stainless steel, galvanised and spray paint epoxy.

Moving approval, planning officer Stephanie Forster said that it will ‘serve as a complementary addition to the existing war memorial and that the design of the proposals would fit with the surrounding area’.