Scoping request for new turbine

Plans are in the pipeline for a single wind turbine in Whittingham.

Northumberland County Council has received a request for a screening opinion for the 79metre structure on land south of the village at Whittonlea Quarry.

Temporis Wind has submitted the request with a view to entering a full planning application in due course.

The turbine would have a capacity of 500kW of energy and would be in situ for 25 years if given the go-ahead.

The screening opinion request states that an upgraded access track would be needed for the site as well as a control and metering substation.

And it states that the request has been submitted to clarify whether or not an environmental impact assessment is needed for the site.

It comes after a windfarm action group was set up by residents of Whittingham and Callaly after an application was submitted to put a similar-sized turbine on land at Follions Farm in Callaly, in December.

At a public meeting in Whittingham, in February, more than 100 people turned up to voice their concerns.

On the Fight Follions Windfarm website, it states: ‘There is no over-riding economic or energy need (locally or nationally) for a turbine in this location, given that the number of wind turbines that have already been approved in Northumberland now exceeds the target set for the county by central government’.

It adds: ‘A large commercial turbine will damage this attractive tourist landscape, which, with its wide open spaces and its stunning views to and from the National Park, is one of Northumberland’s greatest assets’.

Residents have been informed about the screening application by county councillor Steven Bridgett.

In an email to residents, Coun Bridgett said: “At the moment this is a screening request and is merely testing the water, it is not an application at this stage so there is very little that can be done until an application is submitted by the developer.

“When I spoke to residents back in February at Whittingham Memorial Institute regarding the Follions wind turbine, I did indicate then that potentially more applications could follow for our area.” He also suggested that residents could form another action group.