Schools sign up to anti-bullying

THIRTY-THREE schools in Northumberland have now signed up to an anti-bullying scheme.

In a report to yesterday’s meeting of Northumberland County Council’s Families and Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee, members were given an update on anti-bullying policy for the county’s schools.

Schools wishing to gain anti-bullying accreditation must ‘be able to demonstrate the anti-bullying work they have undertaken over a period of time, as well as who has been involved.

‘Schools’ systems should be well established and observable and pupils, parents and staff should be aware of them.’

It involves meeting criteria including having an accessible anti-bullying policy, involving parents and having an an identified member of staff who co-ordinates all anti-bullying work.

Nine of the 33 schools are from the north area of the county, and the report says that more schools are interested in gaining accreditation.

Anti-bullying will be a key element of the work of the newly-commissioned Locality Inclusion Support Teams (LISTs).

One of the key performance indicators for LISTs is to achieve targets related to the increasing number of schools gaining anti-bullying accreditation.