School – you either love it or hate it

As South Avenue students are over half way through their school year, some of them have been looking at why they like to come to school.

School is wonderful because we always make lots of friends and the lessons are fun. I enjoy the lessons and we sometimes do a game. My favourite lesson is a choice between technology and art.

The teachers are very nice they make you laugh and teach you new things which can come in handy in your future life.

Heidi Jones, Year 5

The thing that makes me the most happy is the amazing staff. As I am in Yr 6 I am sitting my SATs this May.

My teachers are a great help, telling me what the markers are looking for in different questions while showing me how to get every mark available. They have also been an excellent confidence boost, motivating me to do well.

Obviously they are not only kind and considerate to the Yr 6s but also to the smallest Yr 5 to the tallest Yr 8. They are wonderful.

Milly Davis, Yr 6

All of the staff are so friendly and will go out of their way to help you learn new things.

In addition, the lessons that they teach are packed with useful and interesting knowledge that is taught in a fun way.

JCSC’s school trips are an exhilarating experience such as Robinwood where you can soar above the forest on the mighty zip wire and leap into the air on the trapeze. That’s why I love school.

Will Jones, 6JM

I like school because there is a lot of social time to chat with your friends who might not live in your local area.

You also meet lots of new friends that you thought you might never be friends with, but when you get to know them they are actually really friendly.

When you come to school and you’re feeling quite moody it helps when you see a teacher who is really nice to you and is kind and helpful.

It also helps when you are stuck with work and you feel like giving up and then someone comes and helps you.

It makes you feel like there is some benefit in coming to school and learning something new every day.

Lewis Bryson, Year 7

When the school day starts I’m sure everyone is miserable but the teachers do their best to ensure that we have a great day full of learning and activities. I do have a favourite teacher, who is very kind and understanding.

I love JCSC because I have lots of friends here.

Bethany Brindley, Year 8