School takes learning to the Maximus

Children at Seahouses Primary School could not believe their eyes last week as a Roman Warrior greeted them at the door.

Key Stage 2 pupils were transported back in time last Wednesday to enhance their learning about the Greco-Roman period – the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks.

Their new innovative curriculum topics have seen visits from dentists, electricians, ambulance drivers, lifeboat volunteers, religious leaders and surprise movie screenings.

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This time, teachers planned for a real-life ferocious Roman and Spartan warrior to put the children through their drills.

Maks, a Year 4 pupil, said: “This has been the most epic day at school ever.”

“The day was ‘spartastic’,” added Teegan, from Year 5.

Joe, also in Year 5, said: “It’s thrilling when we learn in a fun way about things that we never knew anything about.”