School scoops lottery funding

Pupils at Acklington C of E First School celebrate receiving the grant from the Big Lottery Fund.
Pupils at Acklington C of E First School celebrate receiving the grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

A NORTH Northumberland school has been awarded a £10,000 grant for a community safety project.

Acklington C of E First School was successful in its application for an Awards for All Grant.

The community project will involve everyone including parents and carers, school-age children and senior citizens and will cover a number of areas such as swimming instruction, outdoor watersports, life-saving techniques, cycling and road safety, first aid courses, additional safety courses (railways, fire etc), visits and safety resources (high-visibility vests and torches etc).

Funding will cover all associated costs including transport, venue, instruction and crèche facilities.

The winning argument for funding was composed by one of the parents with a child at the school, Mrs Clerkin-Shone, and June Shone, to whom the school is very grateful for supporting it on the application.

It said: “It is vitally important young people understand and respond to risks involved with water, fire, roads and railways.

“Acklington is a small village in rural Northumberland, with areas of open water subject to localised flooding.

“Being confident in and around water is a vital life skill which would make all participants safer around water.

“We have narrow, fast roads, few footpaths and a number of children cycle and walk to school, so road and cycle safety is vital.

“A railway line carrying high speed inter-city trains runs through the village and could pose a danger to children.

“Village facilities are limited, and this project would greatly strengthen links between school and the community, improve social cohesion and provide learning opportunities for the whole community.

“Bringing people of all ages together so they can learn from each other, developing confidence and skills, with school as a focal point, will develop a community spirit.

“Limited public transport makes it difficult for members of our community to access facilities necessary to obtain the life skills needed to be safe in water and on land.

“We feel it is important to hold sessions at varying times of day enabling access to all members of the local community.

“Developing a community project around vital safety and life skills will provide interest for everyone; opportunities for interaction between social groups; the chance to learn new skills, acquire qualifications and be safe and healthy.”

The community project will run from Easter 2012 to Easter 2013.