School: Right to be so concerned

I was shocked when I drove past the Duke's School with my family recently to show them where I went to school.

Saturday, 29th September 2018, 6:00 am

The entire school and playing fields were shrouded in overgrown trees and bushes. The only view I got of the school was some dilapidated temporary fencing

It was such a disappointment to see how derelict it looked.

I understand from Alan and Jill Waton’s letter (Northumblerand Gazette, September 13) that the site is to be developed.

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It is such a beautiful building with some open parkland in front of it, which would benefit from some sympathetic development to preserve the open land for the town: A hotel? A spa?

I agree that residents of Alnwick should be concerned by this development.

David Hopper,