School move and link to Garden on agenda

The spray-paint art panels at Alnwick bus station.
The spray-paint art panels at Alnwick bus station.

An update on the work of the Town Team, which received funding of £10,000 in 2012, was provided at Alnwick Town Council’s meeting last week.

The Alnwick Town Team was formed in 2012 to submit a bid to become a Portas Pilot, the Government scheme to boost high streets fronted by Mary Portas.

While the bid was unsuccessful, the team did receive a grant of £10,000 towards town promotion, with the initial brief being to use this to improve footfall, publicity and branding.

Alnwick Town Council is the accountable body and holds the budget, which has around £2,500 uncommitted. The council also agreed a budget of £2,500 in 2013/14 to supplement the team’s work, of which £500 remains.

Projects the team has been involved with include the artwork in the bus station; developing and promoting the quarters/districts of the town (signage, maps and banners); a review of leaflets including a reprint of the Town Trail; and revitalising the Market Place – support for Local Living project and support for the Sunday Market trial.

More recently, ideas have been considered for developing closer integration between the town centre and The Alnwick Garden and a meeting is taking place to discuss the impact of the move of the high school to Greensfield.

It is felt that the Town Team is a useful forum as its meetings four to six times a year are the only time the county council, town council and chamber of trade, for example, all meet to discuss the town centre.