SCHOOL: Image looks misleading

It is a pity that you chose to use a perspective view of the proposed development on the Duke's School field that I believe is so misleading, (Northumberland Gazette, September 20).

Friday, 28th September 2018, 6:00 am

On an imaginary walk from the proposed new Swansfield Park entrance to the playing field, towards the old school, using this image, it appears that you would be going past the new development for only 40 per cent of your time, ie 60 per cent of the green field would be left.

This is an illusion.

If we look at a straight overhead plan of the new buildings and take the same mythical walk, the new McCarthy and Stone building and new housing takes up 55 per cent of your walk. Less than half of the length of this rare green space in Alnwick would actually remain.

I call this gross over-development.

Dudley George,

Upper Howick Street,