A busy day of discoveries and castles

As part of our enrichment week, Year 8 students were invited on a field trip to Bamburgh.

The day consisted of three main activities which all centred on our local history.

The first and most exciting activity was the archaeological dig which is run by the Bamburgh Research Project.

The dig, held at Bradford Kaims, offered a thrilling insight into our past landscapes.

Discoveries made on the day, such as wood and clay, are vital because they can help us understand the environment during different periods of history. For example, from these discoveries, we learnt that the Bradford Kaims is a Neolithic peet bog that is dated at 4468BC (approximately 6000 years ago) which was formed by falling glacier in the ice age.

The glaciations then formed the lakes and rivers that the Anglo Saxons used to fish and transport their food.

Also, we can tell from the alluvium – the soft residue- that they burnt their wood to heat their water.

Impressively, we can also tell that the birch, hazel and maple species of tree enveloped our landscape. It is truly amazing how a piece of wood can preserve the history of our ancestors and their way of living.

After being enthralled for an hour at the dig, it was time to say our goodbyes and visit the Grace Darling Museum.

When our group arrived, we split into two smaller groups; one entered the graveyard to look at Grace Darling’s grave (as well as those of the pirates) while the other half went to the museum to learn about the former’s life and the perilous journey she endured.

It is touching to see how proud the community is of their past heroine and, more importantly, how they never forget her braveness in the face of adversity.

After we ate our lunch with a beautiful view of the castle, we went to the beach where we took part in a sand-sculpture competition.

The challenge was accepted – all the teams raced around trying to get the best spot! We all dug furiously – we all wanted to win! The winners have not yet been declared, however, it is fair to say they were all very impressive!

A great day was had by all, it was a shame to be leaving! It was an amazing end to an already brilliant week. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved – The Bamburgh Research Project and all the teachers involved, especially Mrs Francis who organised the day!

By Jody Foster and Alice Thomassen