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Lindisfarne School Column.
Lindisfarne School Column.


Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were the darlings of American culture. Their popularity has recently taken a nose-dive following their regular negative appearances in the media.

Lust for fame has driven them to more and more outrageous feats, resulting in their downfall.

The Beliebers continue to follow their idol, asserting that he has not done anything wrong, and protesting using dramatic methods. This ability to influence young people shocked us and we wanted to find out what people really thought about his actions. It’s hard to think that it was only a few years ago when he was still at school, studying like us.

Kalvin Inglis in Year 5 feels that Justin was not a good role model because his actions are selfish and unkind. A Year 7 student, Abigail Rowland, said: “He’s terrible, he should not be allowed to be famous any more.” Her friend, Amabel Porter, agreed: “Famous people think that they can do anything they want because they have all this money and that means that their behaviour has no consequences.”

Amabel’s comment inspired us to begin our search – a search for the ideal role model for people our age. We put the question to our fellow students and came up with this recipe for theperfect role model.

A Good Role Model means someone who is: Friendly; listens to people; unselfish; thinks of others; thinks about the consequences of their actions.

We agreed that there were many icons in modern-day media that fit this bill – Lucy Milham thinks that Lily Allen would be perfect – ‘she’s true to herself’.

Ultimately, we as the public have the influence to change who we see in our media. Perhaps we need to think about where our time and money is spent.

By the Year 8 Alnwickist team