SCHOOL COLUMN: Duke’s Middle School


Over the three days of the summer holidays a gang of boys smashed 27 of the Duke’s school’s windows and attempted to smash the stained-glass windows. The gang of boys smashed the windows by throwing stones and smashing metal poles into the 27 windows. Students and teachers of the Duke’s Middle School say that the boys did it as a ‘mindless act of vandalism’ and are generally disgusted by their behaviour.

Mrs Brunger said “It was a mindless act.” Mr Oliver said: “It was a very sad and awful thing to do.”

The cost to repair the damaged windows is nearly £3,000. If they had broken the stained-glass windows, they would have been irreplaceable and the school would have lost a unique, architectural feature of our beautiful building.Fortunately, all of the windows were repaired before the children returned to school.

Duke’s School 1 Senseless Vandals 0

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