SCHOOL COLUMN: Duke’s Middle School

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Team works together for bags of fun

On Thursday, January 30, Year 7 of the Duke’s Middle School took part in an activity called Brilliant Bags.

It was great fun and the 10 people I asked said that they all enjoyed it.

The event was organised by Mrs Richards, who works at the Northumberland council. Mrs Richards has a team of volunteers from all areas of business, some self- employed. These volunteers are trained to come into schools and lead or assist in delivering programmes to develop skills aimed at making students ready for the work place. The skills to make students work-ready range from leadership and enterprise to creativity and responsibility. Mrs Richards and her team of skilled volunteers deliver work related learning activities to students in all key stages.

The Brilliant Bags day was aimed at Year 7 and a couple of weeks ago Year 6 enjoyed a literacy-based day which had a vampire theme!

On Thursday, we had to pretend we were adults in the world of work. The main objective was to create a gift and sell it to consumers in the teenage market.

Our groups, which were lettered A-J, first had to design a company name and logo. My group’s name was Bags 4 You. I thought of that name and everyone in the group (me, Erin, Abbie S, Jack, Zack and Korben) agreed with it.

Once a name was chosen we got to work on the list that Mrs Richards gave us: Make a company name; sketch a design of the bag ; create business cards; make an eye-catching poster for your company and bag; create a script and presentation to persuade the judges to support your bag proposal.

Our group all worked together as a team to complete the task that was given. I think the most difficult part was actually making the gift bag, because we had to make it tidy and neat to be presented to everyone. We made our bag out of card while others made theirs out of material.

At the end, every group had to present their bag to the other groups. The presentation had to be loud and clear, but also no giggling!

I think we did all right, however, in the end Swagilicious won. It was embarrassing for me, when our group came ninth out of 10 groups.

The great part of this activity was working in teams and respecting one another. Doing this has improved my teamwork. I love Mrs Richards and I hope we get to do another activity like this soon.

Rowan Hart