SCHOOL COLUMN: Duchess’s Community High School

Connor Fletcher
Connor Fletcher
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It’s probably something we’ve all thought about one time or another – given the choice (and the feasibility) who would we bring back from the dead?

Mr Broughton

Mr Broughton

I asked some pupils and staff of the Duchess’s Community High School what their answer would be.

Connor Fletcher, Year 13 student: “I would bring back Steve Urwin, because I enjoyed watching him wrestle with crocodiles and other animals.

“He seemed like a really cool guy and I loved his Australian accent.”

Mr Broughton, head of business and politics: “An Anglo-Saxon character called Hereward, also known as Hereward the Wake. He made a resistance movement after William the Conqueror ruled in 1066. This period of history absolutely fascinates me and I’d like to have a conversation with the man and get his view of things.”

Ms Gair

Ms Gair

Ms Gair, biology/head of Year 9: “Honestly, if I could bring back anyone from the dead it would be a very good friend of mine who died about 18 months ago. This young man’s family is really struggling because his death was a suicide. That’s the person that I would bring back from the dead.”

Harry Summers, Year 13 student: “I would bring back Freddie Mercury as he was a great singer who also stood for gay rights, which was a really strong thing to do.”

Mrs McDonald, art/inclusion manager: “I’d pick John F Kennedy, because at this time, there was that much happening in the world.

“He was put forward as a great leader with great thoughts and great ideas.

Unfortunately he was shot and killed, but I would like to hear his plans and know what he’s do if he was still alive today.”

Mr Eeles, film studies: “I would bring back William Shakespeare, not only because he’s our greatest playwright but I’ll be very interested to see how he would adapt his works for TV and film.”