SCHOOL COLUMN: Alnwick South First School

Dominic and Ellie don hard hats to go into the mine.
Dominic and Ellie don hard hats to go into the mine.


Alnwick South young reporters recently visited Bailiffgate to find out what was new at the museum.

Dominic said: “It’s good that there’s lots of new things in the museum. My favourite was the war computer because I like technology and it’s interesting because it is so big.”

Ellie, from Year 2, exclaimed: “It made me feel strange because it sent me back to the past!

“I liked the mine because you could put on hard hats and go through it.

“In the olden days people came out of the mine filthy, they had to get into the bath and the bath looked black.”

Ryan, talking about the mine, said: “When I found out that young children went down the mine I thought it would be very dark, damp and scary. I don’t think that should have happened.

“You could go into the mine to see what it was like for children inthe olden days.”

In the classroom, Martha commented: “In the olden days people had to sit on different chairs at school.

“When they put their heads down a wiggly wooden stick was put down their back to keep them up straight.

“The teachers sat on a higher chair than the children.

The museum is much better than it was before.”

By Dominic, Year 4; Ryan, Year 3; Martha, Year 3; Ellie, Year 2