SCHOOL COLUMN: Alnwick South First School

Madeleine Ainsworth and Tom Unsworth relaxing and enjoying the new library area.
Madeleine Ainsworth and Tom Unsworth relaxing and enjoying the new library area.


We are pupils from Alnwick South and over the summer our teachers created a new library because they know how much we love books and discovering the work of exciting authors.

Our new library theme is Outer Space and we are now creating artwork for our ‘new world’ of reading.

Our old library was in the main reception, it was small and cramped. Our new library is in the mobile classroom and it’s such a comfy, spacious place.

It has giant cushions to lie on and tables and chairs to sit around with good books and groups of friends.

Each week, classes will visit the library and spend time in this new, exciting learning environment.

The fun doesn’t just stop at school though, we can borrow books and take them home to read with our families.

We all love books at Alnwick South, they help us learn new facts in fun ways. Reading is something that everyone should enjoy and our new library certainly does this.

A big thank-you to our teachers for creating this amazing area, WE LOVE IT!

By Madeleine Ainsworth and Tom Unsworth – Year 4, Maple Class


We are the Eco Group from Alnwick South. Last year, we set ourselves a mission of helping to increase the number of honey bees in Alnwick.

We began our work at Alnwick Gardens, spending an afternoon collecting old seed heads.

We then left our seeds to dry for a few months before then returning to divide them into over 500 seed packets.

During this time, some kind staff from Alnwick Gardens were working hard at our school to create a bee border.

Now, a year later, our bee border is looking dazzling, full of colour and most importantly, full of bees.

To make sure that we continue to increase the population of bees, we are now working hard to collect the old seed heads from our school bee border before leaving them to dry.

By Olivia Temple and Neve Mattison – Year 3, Maple Class