Savings to be made have reduced, but still £6m of cuts

Northumberland Gazette latest
Northumberland Gazette latest

Northumberland County Council’s budget for the next year aims to continue protecting frontline services and promoting growth – despite facing further cuts.

However, the savings needed to be made by the council have reduced by £10million up to 2020, due to a combination of increased income from council-tax receipts, linked to growth and housing development, and increased income from third-party loans.

Nonetheless, the continued reduction in funding from central government means the council is continuing to undergo a major transformation in the way it operates and delivers services.

In some instances this has resulted in some changes to services to ensure they can continue rather than being stopped completely, such as the co-location of council services.

The report being prepared for councillors proposes cuts of £6million in 2017/18 and a total of £36million up to 2020.

The budget and medium-term financial plan will be presented to the county council’s cabinet on Tuesday then the full council on Wednesday, February 22.

The county council agreed last year to raise council tax by 1.99 per cent – the maximum without holding a referendum – again this year.