Saved village trust looks to the future and new projects

A VILLAGE development trust, which was saved from folding last month with the election of eight trustees, is now looking at future projects.

The trustees of the soon-to-be Belford Community Trust Ltd. are proposing to use part of the £60,000 left from the sale of the bank building in the village to buy the former Spar premises.

According to an open letter from the trust, the cost will be between £35,000 and £40,000 which will cover the purchase and necessary alterations.

The letter says: “Once ready it will become the Belford Community Shop which will include the popular charity shop formerly in the Bank Building.

“The shop will become a focal point for fund-raising activities of other organisations, all will benefit from a prominent High Street location.

“In brief the benefits are: Net receipts will be far greater than interest earned from placing funds in a savings account. These funds will be available to support village projects.

“The village will own a High Street property which, in time, will increase in value.

“The current covenant placed on the shop by the Co-op ceases to be in 2016 at which point the shop will be able to trade in any goods.

“Local organisations will be able to use the building and thereby have a prominent location for fund-raising and awareness-raising activities.

“The successful charity shop will be re-opened using part of the available space.

“The appearance of the building will be much improved (grants for this will be applied for).

“Information and displays in the building will be of interest to both locals and visitors. It will be a positive example of our community working together.”

Residents have been asked to give feedback on the scheme, in line with the trust’s new name to reflect its role at the heart of the community.