Saga of the missing trailer

Coun Jeff WatsonCoun Jeff Watson
Coun Jeff Watson
The town council has bought a new trailer from Amble Youth Project '“ but getting their hands on it has been a bit of a saga, after it went missing the day before purchase, only to be found later that day.

Coun Jeff Watson explained: “The town council was going to get it on the Wednesday, so on the Tuesday I went to make sure it was ready – and it wasn’t there.

“I came back home and reported it to the police on the Tuesday afternoon. Within half an hour, they stated that they had got the trailer – it had been found on a driveway in Ellington. The people there said that it had just appeared.

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“The police took the trailer to the compound in Seaton Delaval. I went to pick it up, but they told me it was subject to a £150 charge. I spoke to the Crime Commissioner’s office and they agreed to waive the charge.

“There was a bit of damage – the lock was broken and there was some scratching, so because it wasn’t in such a good condition, the trailer has been purchased for £200, instead of £250, to allow for repairs.

“The trailer has been there for five years and nothing has ever happened. Yet the day before it was to be sold, it was taken.”

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