Rubbish left for two years will be a ‘haven for rats’

Rubbish behind the cemetery wall in Alnwick.
Rubbish behind the cemetery wall in Alnwick.

Rubbish strewn across an area of unused land in Alnwick has been described as a ‘haven for rats’.

Piles of boxes, wrappers and other waste has collected in an area between the town’s cemetery wall and Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre.

And one resident, who says the debris has been there for two years, is concerned that it will lead to problems with rodents.

Ron Murray contacted the Gazette after seeing the mess on numerous occasions.

“It’s behind the bottle bank at the back of the sports club and it’s horrendous,” he said.

“There is a bin with no lid on there and rubbish is blowing over and nothing is ever done about it.

“It goes all the way along the cemetery wall down to Sainsbury’s.

“It’s a mess, the rubbish all collects there and it is never cleaned up.

“It is creating the perfect environment for rats, it’s a haven for them, and it shouldn’t be allowed.”

He added that he believes hedge and grass cuttings are also dumped in the area.

“It’s been like that for two years now, something needs to be done about it,” he said.

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said that the land is believed to be privately-owned and therefore it would be the landowner’s responsibility to clear it.

She added that the sports centre has staff who litter pick on their property and Alnwick Town Council is responsible for the cemetery land.

However, anyone who has concerns about the land can contact the county council who will look into the matter on their behalf.