Rubbish build-up a ‘disgrace’

Brian Rochestser and the overflowing litter bins at Hadston Precinct.
Brian Rochestser and the overflowing litter bins at Hadston Precinct.

Concerns over the much-criticised appearance of Hadston Precinct reared their ugly head again after the area was awash with litter.

Last Thursday, shocked Red Row resident Brian Rochester contacted the Gazette to say that bins around the site were jam-packed with rubbish, forcing people to dump debris beside them.

It came just weeks after East Chevington Parish Council chairman Scott Dickinson warned that harsh measures could be taken against site owners Thrower Stone Group if they did not carry out essential maintenance work at the Precinct.

The bin issue was branded a disgrace by Mr Rochester, although moves were made by Thrower Stone to tidy up the area last week.

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said: “The site owners did clean up the Precinct on Thursday night and the council sent a team in on Friday morning to do a clean-up of the wider area.”

She added: “We are in contact with the owners to remind them of their commitments under the environmental protection act to keep the site clean and tidy.”

But yesterday, Coun Dickinson, who is also county councillor for the Druridge Bay ward, said that there had been a development.

He said: “The county council offered a service-level agreement to Thrower Stone, but they have declined it.

“They wish to carry out the services themselves and wish to do their own tidy-ups.”

He added: “As a result, the county council will reinvest the workforce and the time into the wider community.”

The Gazette contacted Thrower Stone for a comment last week, but did not receive a statement from the company by time we went to press yesterday.