Royal etiquette

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IT’S not every day that you come face to face with the Queen, but if you do happen to meet Her Majesty on Wednesday, here are a few pointers on Royal etiquette.

l Acknowledge Royalty with a bow from the neck, not the waist, if you’re a man and a small curtsy, placing your right foot behind your left heel and bending your knees slightly, if you’re a woman. The bow or curtsy is a traditional gesture and is no longer required or expected. In either case, however, it is an acceptable courtesy.

l Only shake the Queen’s hand if she offers it to you first. If you are wearing gloves, do not remove them.

l Do not begin a conversation with the Queen. Instead, wait until she starts speaking to you.

l It is customary to initially greet the Queen as ‘Your Majesty” and use the greeting ‘How do you do?”. Use ma’am – rhyming with jam – after the introduction.

l It is traditional not to show the Queen your back.

l You should only leave the room after the Queen does.