Rothbury’s amazing people

Linda Calvert and her son Guy at the Congregational Gallery in Rothbury.
Linda Calvert and her son Guy at the Congregational Gallery in Rothbury.

A gallery has been re-opened thanks to the generosity and support of its owner’s friends.

Linda Calvert runs the Congregational Gallery and Cafe on Rothbury’s High Street.

The venue has seasonal opening, but three months ago, just before its spring exhibition was due to go on show owner Linda Calvert was struck by a debilitating illness.

She feared she would be unable to open for the season, but thanks to a group of friends the business opened as usual.

Linda was suffering from a lung condition, for which there is no cure, in and out of hospital and unable to do many things.

“But my friends just rallied round,” she said.

“It was amazing. They just decided to run things while I was away.

“The opening exhibition was in place for March and other people just did all the leg work and organised everything ready for it opening.

“They just did an amazing job and I really want to thank Linda Lytollis in particular.”

The cafe wasn’t opened for the first exhibition, but the summer event is now under way with everything up and running.

Linda is still unable to work as she has difficulty talking for long periods of time, but her son Guy, 24, has come home from Austria to run the business.

“There is no treatment for the condition I have,” she said.

“It is all a question of time, I am recovering and I’m out and about but I’m not able to work.

“Guy will be running it until the end of the summer but I just want to thank the people of Rothbury for supporting me.”

The new exhibition started at the beginning of the month and will feature work from artists on both sides of the Scottish border from the North East and North West.

It features a wealth of different forms of art including folded, recycled metal kimonos, painted landscape scenes, sculptures, illustrations and more.

The gallery and cafe is open from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Tuesdays and Friday to Saturday and 11.30am on Sundays and Bank Holidays, but is closed on Monday and Wednesday.