Rothbury parish councillors

The toilets on the Riverside at Rothbury.
The toilets on the Riverside at Rothbury.

Calls have been made for Rothbury’s Riverside toilets to be re-opened after children were seen urinating in public during the bank holiday weekend.

The facility was closed after Northumberland County Council decided not to continue its upkeep, as part of a review of responsibilities, as they needed upgrading to meet criteria set by the Disabilities Discrimination Act costing around £60,000.

Rothbury Parish Council was unable to take over responsibility because of the cost and the county said it would demolish them.

But now a call has been made to reinstate them.

Coun Caroline Dawson told last Wednesday’s monthly meeting that she was approached by a member of the public who thinks that the toilets should be re-opened, especially with the tourist season coming up.

“A woman was down there on Bank Holiday Monday and said that children were having to urinate behind the toilets because they could not get to the other ones in time,” she said.

“I did explain why they were closed and that we as a parish could not afford to pay to get them refurbished.

“But this woman felt there were health and safety concerns with people urinating in public.

“She said she was thinking about getting a petition together to get them re-opened.”

Another set of public toilets is available at Bridge Street, but the council was told that young children could not hold on long enough to walk the distance to them from Riverside.

Coun Dawson added: “She was quite adamant about starting a petition.”

The council discussed the concerns, but said that it was still unable to do much about it.

Chairman Coun Alan Fendley added: “I’m not sure what we can do about children’s bladders.”

The member of the public who made the complaint is to be asked to write a formal letter to the parish council about her concerns.