Rothbury Parish Council: Signs taken down, ice-cream seller parking in ‘wrong’ place and concerns about grave

One of the signs.
One of the signs.

Advertising signs for Cragside Gardens, which were put up to promote a new housing development in Rothbury, have been taken down.

Coun Steven Bridgett said they were installed without permission from the county council and were causing confusion between the development and the attraction, Cragside.

○ An ice-cream seller is parking his van on the ‘wrong side’ of the river and if it continues he should be reported to the police, members said.

Coun Avril Graham said the seller in question is parking on the play-park side of the river, but he should be over in the Haugh car park on the other side.

“He is on the wrong side,” she said.

Coun Peter Dawson said: “There is a licence which traders can apply to trade from the Haugh car park. It gives them the sole right to trade there.

“They have no right to trade on this side of the river. Anyone doing that is doing it illegally and if anyone is trading there, they need stopping, it’s as simple as that.”

Coun Steven Bridgett added: “If he is there, by the play park, report him to the police.”

○ A visitor to Rothbury has complained about the state of William Armstrong’s grave.

But Coun Peter Dawson said he doesn’t believe there is a problem. He said: “I’ve had a look at it and I don’t know what they are complaining about. I expected to see the grass as high as the elephant’s eye, but it isn’t, and there aren’t any piles of rubbish or leaves. It’s not untidy and I think we should leave it.”

The council will respond by saying that it doesn’t believe there is an issue.

○ A large section of ancient wall, from the 13th or 14th century, has been uncovered as part of archaeological work at All Saints’ Church. Pottery from this period has also been found.

○ The parish council is to increase its annual allotment fees.

Currently, holders pay £5 at the end of each 12-month cycle, but Coun Peter Dawson called for a rent review.

Members were in favour of this and also agreed that users should pay in advance, instead of being in arrears.

It was agreed that the price rise should be spread over two years, with it going to £10 a year at first, rising to £20.

Coun Dawson said: “£20 a year is nothing. It’s 40p a week – it’s the cost of a box of matches, howay!”

○ Work is due to start on painting the youth shelter down at Riverside. Coun Steven Bridgett said that quite a few youngsters are interested in getting involved in the project. He also mentioned that some thick wooden boards, which can be used for displaying art, may also be positioned at Riverside.