Rothbury Parish Council round-up: Hospital, play park and toilets

Rothbury Community Hospital.
Rothbury Community Hospital.

Members expressed their concerns about the temporary closure of the inpatient ward at Rothbury Community Hospital.

Coun Mark Gilson said: “That’s the worst thing about it, there’s been absolutely no consultation.”

• The parish council has again considered taking over the play area at Whitton View. The Northumberland Estates would hand over responsibility with £20,000 towards its upkeep. However, Coun Debbie Noble said: “If we have got the option not to take it on, then I don’t think £20,000 is an awful lot of money for a lifetime commitment.”

• Councillors agreed to close the Riverside toilets, for which they are responsible, from November 1. This falls after the schools’ half-term holiday at the end of October. They are likely to open again before the Easter holidays in April 2017.