Rothbury Parish Council round-up

Debbie Noble and Shelley Darby are determined to make Rothbury Street Fair a success.'Picture by Jane Coltman
Debbie Noble and Shelley Darby are determined to make Rothbury Street Fair a success.'Picture by Jane Coltman

This year’s Rothbury Street Fair is going ahead and plans are coming along for the Monday, May 29, event.

Its future had been under threat after the-then organisers Coquetdale Round Table said it didn’t have the resources to stage the event.

But after an appeal for help, a new committee came along to save it, including Coun Debbie Noble and Shelley Darby, pictured above.

○ Police have recovered a vehicle believed to have been used in a spate of burglaries in Rothbury.

PC Stuart Brimble told Rothbury Parish Council that it had been taken away for forensic investigation and it was hoped that arrests were imminent.

It relates to a series of burglaries in and around the village on Saturday, April 8, and Sunday, April 9.

Thieves stole numerous items, including a large amount of fuel, as well as tools and cement mixers, among other things.

Rothbury Industrial Estate was hit particularly badly, with numerous businesses being targeted.

PC Brimble told members that it had been a busy month and other crimes in the area included a harassment case, which was ongoing, and shoplifting from the Co-op, when the offender ran off with cigarettes without paying.

Coun Jeff Reynalds said there is a phone outside Rothbury Police Station, directing people to dial 101 or 999 – but he said the only numbers that appear are one, two and three.

“An explanation has got washed off and you can’t dial any of the numbers suggested,” he said.

PC Brimble will report it.

○ Ancient artefacts have been found as part of efforts to repair the churchyard wall at Rothbury’s All Saints’ Church.

Coun Jeff Reynalds said: “A hole has been dug in the cemetery and they have found a 13th century wall with a 13th century jug handle on it.”

○ Concerns were raised about the way that some vehicles park on Gravely Bank, which means that families with pushchairs have to walk into the road to get past.

○ The meeting heard that public information sessions which were held recently to discuss the neighbourhood plan ‘went badly’, as they were poorly attended.

○ Rothbury Parish Council has given its support to the Save Rothbury Hospital campaign, which is fighting to have the inpatient beds reopened.

○ The parish council wants to designate sections of land outside the tourist information centre as village green status.

○ The parish council agreed to make the play park a ‘substantive item’ on June’s agenda, so that progress can be made.

○ The village noticeboard will be replaced.