Rothbury Parish Council round-up

The toilets on the Riverside at Rothbury.
The toilets on the Riverside at Rothbury.

The recommissioning by the parish council of the abandoned public toilets near the play area on the Haugh has been welcomed by visitors and locals.

The lock in the ladies’ has been repaired and the opening times will be advertised.

• Crimes outlined by police at the July meeting included criminal damage to a motor vehicle, theft from a shop, criminal damage at Silverton Terrace with a woman having been charged, an accidental fire on Hillside and some anti-social behaviour by youngsters. Elizabeth Clifton, a police volunteer – the oldest in the county at 91, was congratulated on her retirement with a special award.

• Discussions had been held with Northumberland County Council and the Northumberland Estates regarding any additional land which may be available in the village for allotments as there is currently a long waiting list.

• The village’s three-year tree maintenance project has been completed, but residents have raised other issues. A tree near the Orchard Guest House appears to be affecting the phoneline and other on Garleigh Road need trimming.